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ISDIF - Integrated Solutions for a DIgital Future

ISDIF, a spin-off of the University of Macerata, is a company of high scientific-professional level and with a multidisciplinary profile ensured by the integration of the most up-to-date IT, law and archival skills.

Mission: ISDIF assists public and private organizations in digital innovation processes based on the introduction of information and communication technologies (ICT), so that effectiveness, efficiency and cost affordability are guaranteed, and that the requirements of correct management and preservation of digital memory are respected.
Market: The dematerialization of the processes of public administrations and companies is fully ongoing in Italy as in Europe and in the rest of the world. In this context, ISDIF proposes to accompany and support public bodies and companies in the development of innovation processes based on the introduction of ICT, with a design approach that takes into account the technological, organizational, procedural, legal and archival aspects.
Services: ISDIF develops studies and projects, and provides consultancy and services of technological, legal, organizational, archival, training and cultural updating nature

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PLAYMARCHE - A 2.0 regional district for cultural heritage: from the project to PLAY MARCHE Ltd. spin-off

Play Marche serves as the first spin-off company of the University of Macerata. Founded in the heart of Le Marche Region, Play Marche was created to compete in the global market of Knowledge Economy. Through inclusion, open innovation methods, and the collaboration of a diverse range of competencies, including economics, business sciences and digital humanities, the company is able to face present and future development, research, and innovation challenges.

The faculty and staff of the University of Macerata serve as partners, utilizing their skills and expertise on topics ranging from economics and management to humanities. Together they are able to offer customized, culturally-relevant services and products to diverse populations at local (national) and international level, creating developmental, economical, and social innovation built from experience.

Play Marche’s goal is to offer customized, culturally-oriented services and products to a diverse population at a local (national) and international level, creating developmental, economical, and social innovation built from experience.
National: At a local/national level, a diverse range of cultural views and values leads to structural challenges which Play Marche aims to transform into a competitive opportunity. Through surveying the current cultural status, the organization is able to better build future lines of culturally driven local development. In fact, the cultural heritage of the area represents a resource capable of impacting the economy and tourist spending in various sectors. By using territorial branding on a wide range of products and services, the area becomes increasingly visible, increasing its competitiveness in a global setting.
International: At the same time, the organization works to develop new models which can internationalize the local growth with public and private organizations. The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) related to cultural heritage produces content and innovative technology essential to the global market. Europe and EUSAIR (Adriatic-Ionian macro-regions) represent an unprecedented opportunity for the growth of the Marche Region and will serve as the focus for training and knowledge exchange programs such as web marketing and e-commerce operations.

Play Marche does not directly control its partners’ activities, but instead manages the different resources and expertise to help the partner organizations to work together towards common goals efficiently and effectively. Because the University of Macerata is non-partisan, it is able to independently and objectively guide the organizations. Partners range from public to private and are placed into working groups such as museums, libraries, archeology, tourism/hospitality, wine/food operators, etc., and together create a stakeholders’ engagement strategy which is able to respond to all of its needs on a timely basis.

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CultLab - An evolved cultural district of Le Marche Region / Spin-off of a cultural enterprise
Incubator of creative cultural enterprises

CultLab is an incubator created by the Universities of Macerata and Urbino and Meccano Co. to support cultural projects that have at least one venue in Le Marche, in the areas entitled to apply for funding under the Rural Development Plan. The project is promoted and funded by Le Marche Group of Local Action (PSR 2007-2013 - Axis IV, LEADER Approach - Measure 421 - Territorial and transnational cooperation) consistent with the inspirational principles of the "Evolved Cultural District" in Le Marche Region.

The areas of intervention of enterprises can include, for example, services to cultural heritage, restoration, design, enhancement of cultural assets, new services to tourism and culture, new technologies for the promotion and management of the territory, culture and research.

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